Studio knot






Renovation of the pottery school and gallery in the Yoyogi-Uehara local shopping street.

The scenery of the shopping street has the joy of showing people’s lives and livelihoods.

Originally, the pottery studio, which was located a little behind the street of the shopping street, was expanded to a room along the street, and I thought about the ideal way of the pottery class that appears as one of the faces of the shopping street.

A gallery facing the street displaying works related to daily life, and a pottery class (studio) were placed toward the back. A movable louver separates the pottery studio from the common passage. This louver adjusts the line of sight inside and outside and at the same time it becomes display of the tools for ceramic and students’ works. The fixtures in the gallery are composed of flat surfaces to make the work stand out, and the studio, which is the place of creation, has the details of the framework in which the mechanism can be seen.

While ensuring a concentrated creative environment, the scene of classroom production and the created works can be glimpsed from the street, making it a place with movement like a store.

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