A coffee shop that enriches the life of the town

MIAMIA is a coffee shop that has been renovated from a 40-year-old boutique in Nagasaki, Toshima-ku.

This shop, where you can experience coffee, music, and art selected by the Australian owner, is a place where you can create a new flow of people and bring the town to life even more while being familiar with Higashi Nagasaki, where the atmosphere of downtown remains. 


From the concept of a building that will be demolished within 10 years by the district plan and MAMIIA (Australian indigenous language, a temporary shelter for family and friends, made from local materials) , The furniture in the store is of a portable size or movable.

In addition, by making the best use of the cute design of the original boutique, we have made it a stance that is close to the memory of this place and is familiar to the locals.



It is quite small space but has various seats such as Counter seats, small seats by the window, and bench seats outside.

The layout is designed that the barista and customer can share the space together wherever you are in the shop and brings the natural conversations.

In a residential area like Higashi Nagasaki, a coffee shop is a unique place where an unspecified number of people gather and spend a certain amount of time together. A place full of possibilities where both design and management consciously harness the potential to promote communication and reveal and connect the various human, physical and cultural resources of the town.

If we can create a place where we can enjoy our town as a part of our lives, our lives will become more enjoyable and sustainable. We hope that from a small coffee shop, various attempts to enrich the scenery of the town will be chained from here.