Renovation of a small general store above the Yuyake-Dandan in Yanaka.

General merchandise and baked goods produced at Studio 753, a B-type workshop that supports continuous employment, which is mainly used by people with mental disorders, will be sold. Each product made with the concept of thinking and working for yourself shows the individuality of the author well and has a very high degree of perfection.

At this store, I wanted to frame and show each product properly.

This building, which is a part of a pretty Nagaya built in 50 years ago, had the eastern wall starting to collapse when I looked inside, so I decided to reinforce and renovate the eastern wall and leave the existing state as much as possible on the western side.

The new wall, which also serves as a reinforcement for the wall, is lined with small windows of various sizes and shapes.

And in the small window, the works of users with various personalities are lined up.

Following the charm of Yanaka, where old and new shops line up to create a lively landscape, old and new products and various unique products are mixed in a small space and become one of the city’s landscapes.

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